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-Martha Graham

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Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Physical Activity
Prepare your body

Dance Techniques
Express your emotions

Arkè, an international reality that places your body, your soul, your emotions at the center of its commitment.

Matilde Demarchi

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, approached the art of movement since the 1970s, dedicating herself to the professional study of Classical, Modern, Jazz, African, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, and Theater Dance.

In 1981, she founded and directed "Arkè, a school, study group, and choreographic research center.

Discover Matilde Demarchi's artistic curriculum.


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Teachers Training

Since 1984, Arkè has been creating and selecting the 19Hundred teaching methodology for you

Through innovation and constant research, Arkè caters to all those who, through quality psychophysical activity, want to shape their body and mind to make them flexible, aware, improve their lifestyle, achieve their goals, and continue learning while having fun.


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