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The 19Hundred teaching methodology is aimed at Pilates enthusiasts, dancers, and holistic discipline practitioners, as well as rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation professionals, athletes, fitness instructors, and personal trainers.
 We offer you the opportunity for new insights to create dynamic and effective lessons, rediscovering the original connection between Pilates and 20th-century Dance Techniques such as Laban, Humphrey, Graham, and Horton.


GRAVITY® Training System

A unique training experience, a complete functional training system thanks to a versatile and easy-to-use machine.


Matilde's Braid

The new frontier of training with elastic resistance through a small tool inspired by the creative power of the movement.


Pilates & Dance

Integrated lessons of absolute uniqueness aimed at combining the best of dance and Pilates for a complete and dynamic discipline.


Pilates Mat Work

A unique training method that allows you to prepare your body and mind, increasing the stability of the core.


4D pro

Based on the concept of suspension, 4D PRO® is a tool that supports soft elastic movements, proportionate to the user's weight.



Medibow® helps create training programs with a wide variety of exercises for all muscle groups.

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