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Association Objectives

The association is apolitical and nonprofit.


It is established with the aim of practicing and promoting amateur sports activities, particularly academic dances and gymnastics focused on health and well-being.


In addition to dance activities, it aims to conduct gymnastics with a focus on health, fitness, and accessibility for all. It may also include activities related to weightlifting, with particular attention to exercises with weights and resistances for physical well-being.


To define amateur sports disciplines, the association refers to the list attached to the resolution of the National Council of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) No. 1586 of February 14, 2017, and subsequent amendments.


With the authorization of the competent sports authorities, it can organize events and competitions, establish internal courses, promote initiation and improvement in sports disciplines, as well as carry out educational activities.


Upon achieving sports recognition, it aims to develop and disseminate related activities. All activities are aimed at the psycho-physical and moral training of the members.


To achieve the objectives, the Association may manage sports facilities and equipment.

17/12/2020: Contribution to sports associations from the Piedmont Region: €3,840

17/12/2020: Funds from 30/11/2020 no.157 from the Presidency of the Council: €10,460

25/5/21: Contribution art. 1 of the D.L. No. 41 from the Revenue Agency: €2,000

4/6/21: Part 1 funds from the sports department from the Presidency of the Council: €9,000

24/6/21: Contribution art. 1 co. 1 of the D.L. No. 73 of 2021 from the Revenue Agency: €2,000

15/10/21: Part 2 funds from the sports department from the Presidency of the Council: €7,430

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