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Our Story
The art of movement since 1981


Arkè, from ancient Greek "principle, origin", understood as the search for the roots of the art of movement and dance

This was the spark that ignited Arké, born in 1981 from the creative vision of Matilde Demarchi and over time has become a national and international reference point for a new way of interpreting physical activity and quality dance while respecting the sanctity of the body, the only home we will inhabit for our entire lives


Arkè was conceived as a project in the field of dance, as a search and experimentation of new choreographic figures and teaching methodologies

From the very beginning of its activity, Arkè has aimed to technically and physically train dancers but also to accompany them in the creation of a historical and cultural awareness, involving the audience in this process as well


From an artistic point of view, Arkè starts with assumptions based on research and historical reconstruction of choreographies belonging to the Renaissance, Baroque, and 20th century repertoire

According to Arkè's philosophy, only with a solid historical knowledge is it possible to continue experimenting with new artistic paths, to realize one's own productions and performances characterized by a taste for contamination between past and future

Bodies & Souls
New horizons

After the first years of activity focused on dance, Arké changes its appearance, from a new reality in the Turin and Italian artistic scene to an international cultural and sports center of gravity


Arkè today
New energies


Today, Arkè represents a cultural, sports, and training center in the field of dance, fitness, and wellness with international horizons:

artistic productions, an Ensemble composed of a heterogeneous group of dancers and performers representing the heart of the association's artistic expression, high-level training courses in Italy and abroad

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But for a high summit, a solid foundation is needed: the support of our associates allows us to dedicate ourselves to offering a wide range of carefully selected activities, providing courses dedicated to children, young people, adults, and the silver age.

Classical ballet, modern, contemporary, HipHop, Pilates, GRAVITY, Medibow, 4DPro, Body Blade, Matilde's Braid are just some of the disciplines offered.

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Arkè is not only a place for training, physical preparation, and artistic expression, but also a point of reference for socialization, a place where people meet and generate new energies

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