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Danza Adulti
 At Arkè, we believe that dance is for everyone.

Dance your emotions, choose your activity!


Modern &
Contemporary Dance

Modern & Contemporary Dance
The studio is based on the main choreographic techniques of the '900s such as Graham, Horton, and Humphrey with contaminations inspired by contemporary choreographic research.


Pilates & Dance

Integrated lessons of absolute uniqueness with the perspective of combining the best of Dance and Pilates for a complete and dynamic discipline.


Heart to Heart Dance

Heart to Heart Dance™ is a dance course aimed at expectant mothers and new moms who want to dance with their baby carried in a sling or with the help of an ergonomic support, sharing a special moment of art and life with their child thanks to the wonderful cuddle of babywearing.


Classical Ballet

The course aims to provide the technical vocabulary of classical ballet to those who wish to integrate their training and deepen their technical knowledge.

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Choreographic Workshop

We're going on stage! Culture and history of dance. Why do we dance, what is our message? Creating a performance together.


At the barre M.A.T.

At the barre M.A.T.
A simple and effective lesson with elements of Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Yoga, and Pilates.


Modern & Contemporary Under 30PRO

Lessons dedicated to young dancers.

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