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Movement Anatomy

This successful module is designed to provide practical tools to approach daily situations and challenges in Pilates practice and teaching with more confidence and security.

The module is conducted by a Doctor and 19Hundred master trainers.


  • Brief history of anatomy from Hippocrates to Vesalius, from Gray's Anatomy to 3D

  • Professional figures and competencies, "handle with care"

  • Skills and limits of the Pilates instructor

  • Why knowing movement anatomy

  • Comparison, analysis, and commentary on anatomical dissections

  • Completing the image of one's own body to complete that of the student

  • Management of the most common pathologies in the context of Pilates lessons.


8 hours spread over one day, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Included Material

Welcome kit, movement anatomy textbook, participation certificate

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