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The training program is a professional pathway for Pilates teacher certification, also recognized internationally by Efi Sport Medicine in San Diego (California).

The market demands Pilates teachers with a solid understanding of the subject matter. The NINETEEN HUNDRED PILATES pathway is characterized by utmost clarity, simplicity, and professionalism.

Within its institutional goals of dissemination, NINETEEN HUNDRED promotes the allocation of scholarships aimed at:

  • Dancers with a diploma in dance or demonstrable professional curriculum experience;

  • Students currently enrolled in Sports Sciences

  • Graduates in Sports Sciences

  • Students currently enrolled in physiotherapy studies

  • Graduates in physiotherapy

  • Students currently enrolled in osteopathy studies

  • Graduates in osteopathy

Any equivalencies will be evaluated by the educational direction.

NINETEEN HUNDRED PILATESANDANCE is the only Pilates teaching method that rediscovers and develops connections with dance.

NINETEEN HUNDRED PILATESANDANCE is among the internationally recognized teaching methods, also accredited by efi Sports Medicine in San Diego (California), now Total Gym, present in 85 countries.

By reconnecting Pilates with the world of dance, the Pilatesandance program opens up new perspectives for enhancing physical and expressive performance.


Our teaching methodology also caters to dancers in need of a solid physical preparation, dance and theater teachers looking to integrate their technical skills, and Pilates instructors aiming to acquire a more open, creative, and dynamic vision of the Pilates technique.

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