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Certification Exam

Certification Exam for the Pilates Mat Work training program, Arkè teaching methodology 19Hundred, is not a barrier but an opportunity to verify the acquired skills.

Upon request, the CONI technical card can be obtained.

Written Exam
63 questions, partly open-ended and partly true/false, duration approximately 1 hour.Permitted errors: 6

Practical Exam

Presentation of a class based on three exercises out of the 34 Contrology exercises previously assigned.

Essential phases: brief warm-up, deconstruction of the exercises, exercises, brief cool-down.

Duration: max 15'

Music: optional (bring saved or burned music on your own device)

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Knowledge of the exercise

  • Quality of exercise execution

  • Quality of verbal teaching

  • Classroom management

  • Use of evocative terms and imagery

  • Use of tactile cueing

  • Breathing instructions

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Presence and use of voice

  • Social, emotional, and empathetic qualities

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