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4 Dancers Course
Arkè's 19Hundred Teaching Methodology





GRAVITY 4 Dancers is a specific training and certification course created by Matilde Demarchi, International Master Trainer Gravity, Dancer, Choreographer, Pilates Teacher of the 2nd generation with over 35 years of international experience, dedicated to all professionals in the dance field and those involved in dancer's physical preparation who intend to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITY® Training System.

Classes and programs are designed for dancers on Total Gym ELEVATE ENCOMPASS or GTS and are specific to increase all dancers' abilities, prevent injuries, increase coordination, rebalance, and strengthen the body and mind.


The program concepts of GRAVITY 4 Dancers are deeply rooted in ballet techniques (Vaganova and Royal), modern techniques, Graham, Laban, Humphrey, and Horton, the iconic modern and contemporary art of movement of the 1900s. The knowledge of dance techniques and specific skills for trainers with the unique biomechanics of Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass or GTS using body weight allows creating an effective new training for dancers.


19HUNDRED Pilates and Dance provides a comprehensive education path and a radical change in YOUR dancer's life!


The program objectives are:

Prevent injuries, recover very quickly from injuries, increase strength, center control, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, plyometric power, landing and jumping patterns, extra rotation, and alignment in parallel, reducing stress on the joints and realigning the dancers' bodies.

For over 12 years, dancers from the most important dance entities such as La Scala di Milano, Royal Ballet in London, Martha Graham, and Alvin Ailey in New York, University of North Carolina, and many others have been enthusiastic and truly impressed by the results of this valuable program.

We hope to share with dancers worldwide the best opportunity to take care of the most important instrument of the art of dance: their own "body."


We can do it in the best way using the GRAVITY® Training System with Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass and GTS.


  • TOTAL GYM GRAVITY Training System

  • Analysis of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of training

  • Functional movements

  • Collection of basic exercises and positions

  • Individual, semi-individual, and group training programs

  • Upper body, Lower body, Core

  • Coordination and awareness

  • Flexibility and alignments

  • Strength and balance



8 hours

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