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Foundation Course

Arkè's 19Hundred Teaching Methodology





GRAVITY FOUNDATION is a training and certification course recognized in 85 countries worldwide, dedicated to all fitness professionals who intend to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the

Total Gym GRAVITY® Training System.

The course involves studying an extensive library with over 120 exercises and variations on the Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass.


The training systems proposed, utilizing body weight to create resistance and assistance on an inclined plane, provide functional movement patterns useful for increasing balance, coordination, flexibility, joint mobility, power, and endurance.


Participants in the course will be involved in the process of creating programs tailored to the abilities and needs of the client. They will also examine launch models and marketing protocols to create development and profit programs that maximize time and productivity.


The GRAVITY FOUNDATION program includes work protocols for one-on-one personal training sessions, semi-private, and multi-client, representing an unparalleled program in terms of efficiency, variety, and client motivation.


  • TOTAL GYM GRAVITY Training System

  • Analysis of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of training

  • Functional movements

  • Collection of basic exercises and positions

  • Individual, semi-individual, and group training programs

  • GRAVITY launch



16 hours distributed over a weekend

Included Material

GRAVITY Foundation manual in PDF version

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