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Arkè 19Hundred Teaching Methodology




GRAVITY® HIIT is a specific training and certification course dedicated to all professionals in the field of physical and athletic preparation, as well as those involved in the physical preparation of dancers who want to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITY® Training System.

Classes and programs are designed to use Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass or GTS to increase cardiovascular and muscular enhancement capabilities. The concepts of the GRAVITY HIIT program are linked to the protocols developed by Izumi Tabata in 1996 and adapted to Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass or GTS, which, using body weight, allows for the creation of new effective, safe, and enjoyable work protocols.


The objectives of the program are to learn how to exploit the versatility and effectiveness of Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass or GTS for high-intensity and energy protocols safely!



  • TOTAL GYM GRAVITY® Training System

  • Analysis of basic anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics

  • What is HIIT

  • Fundamentals of the Tabata protocol

  • Sequences for muscle groups

  • Benefits of HIIT

  • Metabolism and HIIT

  • How to organize a HIIT class with GRAVITY®

  • HIIT Training Class


8 hours

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