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Pilates Reformat Evolved Series Course
Arkè's 19Hundred Teaching Methodology


GRAVITY Pilates Reformat Evolved Series is a training and certification course recognized in 85 countries worldwide, dedicated to all Pilates, fitness, and dance professionals who intend to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of the Total Gym GRAVITY® Training System.

The course aims to understand the Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass equipment, Pilates technique development accessories, and applied terminology, learn the fundamental principles of Gravity Pilates, practice exercises from the GRAVITY Pilates Reformat Evolved library, grasp the principles of Strength, Mobility, and Awareness, and learn all the necessary components to build and propose a GRAVITY Pilates program.


  • Introduction to the GRAVITY Training System

  • The birth and development of a successful system

  • The Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass and its components

  • Pilates technique accessories and their settings

  • General safety instructions

  • Principles of GRAVITY Pilates Basics

  • Variations and adaptations based on the type of student

  • Practical sessions

  • How to introduce a class to GRAVITY Pilates

  • How to read exercise cards from the GRAVITY® Pilates Reformat Evolved library


16 hours distributed over a weekend.

Included Material

GRAVITY® Pilates Reformat Evolved Series manual

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