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A comprehensive workout, useful for learning the names of muscles, how they function, and how to train them, to better practice sports such as skiing or swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball... or the art of dance.



Sedentary lifestyle seriously harms health!!!


Children and teenagers are becoming increasingly unfit:


School, computers, television, video games impose a very high number of hours of inactivity and poor posture.

ARKE’ introduces for the first time in ITALY: GRAVITY Youth.

GRAVITY Youth is a program designed for children aged 8 to 13.

The program's goal is to make physical activity enjoyable, educational, and fun.

Classes will take place on GTS units in small groups of up to 7 young participants.

The exercises will focus on various motor skills (and more): improving posture and alignment, developing strength and endurance, increasing flexibility, balance, and self-esteem.

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