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Training System

A unique training experience, a comprehensive functional training system thanks to a versatile and easy-to-use equipment.

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The GRAVITY® works on a variable inclined glideboard, based on body weight resistance, improving the way the body performs daily activities.


Features and Benefits

  • Efficient and complete training that gives quick, observable results and change the body.

  • Recruits abdominal and back muscles in every exercise, creating a "belt of strength.

  • Increased strength and endurance.

  • Improvement in coordination and balance.

  • Weight loss, BMI improvement.

  • Increased metabolism.

  • Improved functional performance of daily activities and athletic abilities.

  • Cardio-respiratory gains.

  • Low-impact, safe, and comprehensive back support.

  • Partial closed chain joint loading.

  • Works on all three cardinal planes plus multi-plane movement (3-D).

  • Unlimited joint freedom.

  • Adjustment of cable force angles based on client proportions and training goals.

  • Prepares and strengthens main stabilizers and proprioception.

  • Specific sports gesture training.

  • Explosive plyometric training for upper and lower limbs.

  • Full-body support, easy to use, non-compressive.

  • Over 200 exercises and variations.

  • Fun with great music.


Achieve great results in a short time, classes with a maximum of 8 people for a high-quality physical experience, a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, choose your time, book your GRAVITY hour, Play, Fun!


All Types of Training


  • Functional

  • Postural

  • Toning and Hypertrophy (GRAVITY Strength)

  • Cardio and Tabata protocol (GRAVITY HIIT)

  • Circuit Training


  • Stretching

  • Physical preparation for specific sports

  • Physical preparation for dancers (GRAVITY 4 Dancers by Matilde)

  • Back pain prevention (GRAVITY Happy Back by Matilde)

  • Post-rehabilitation and re-athleticism (Gravity Post-Rehab)

  • Combined (GRAVITY Combo by Matilde), total body & soul classes with exercises and elements from all training protocols blended for a perfect quality movement experience.

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