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He was born in Gladbach, Germany, now Monchengladbach, on Sunday, December 9, 1883.

The vast majority of websites and books on the market provide a densely packed history of J.H. Pilates' life, filled with information and anecdotes, sometimes invented, sometimes implausible, often the result of ignorance and myth-making useful only in creating the character.

For this reason, we have decided to avoid yet another summary of J.H. Pilates' biography but we recommend reading an enlightening book: "Joseph Hubertus Pilates: La biografia" by Javier Pérez Pont and Esperanza Aparicio Romero, published by Haka

Starting from the late '90s, we have witnessed the introduction of the Pilates method in Italy.

Initially, the introduction was gradual, in niche environments, and sometimes associated with attempts to claim the exclusive right to be the sole custodians of a method that can never be the private property of anyone.

In recent years, even the fitness world has been flooded with various courses and proposals called "Pilates"; in some cases, descriptions and proposals are decidedly imaginative.

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